Artificial Human Design

AI Human is not 3D or graphics, but a digital copy of a real person that inherited looks, voice, gestures and speaking pattern of the original model.

Video Synthesis

We capture a video of the original person whose looks, facial expressions and body language, such as subtle movements of the head and hand gestures are all learned through AI. 

Before Video Synthesis

Artificial intelligence actively learns human facial expressions from unedited video footage.

After Video Synthesis

Artificial intelligence imitates the human vocal expression by matching gestures and lip movements with given speech or dialogue.

Speech Synthesis

Deep learning technology replicates the original voice and learns to recreate it according based on STT and TTS. 

Unedited Audio

Through speech synthesis, our artificial intelligence learns to talk with specific tones and accents from recorded audio.

After Speech Synthesis

Deep-learning technology is utilized to study and learn intonations, tones and accents to recreate speech best suited to various situations, such as news or sport broadcasting, daily conversations, and more.


Natural language understanding and processing with active conversation and user support. Making and changing reservations made easy.  

Use Cases

Depending on industry application our AI Humans can become anyone, such as Bank Tellers, Store Associates, Online Tutors, Anchors, Teachers and more.